We were born and raised in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains, and that’s where we like to do business. We focus on a local territory, so we can dispatch our crew to your location quickly. Although we focus on Reno, Carson, and Tahoe, we can mobilize our crew to Redding, Napa, Mammoth, and Elko in days, not weeks.

Why did we start Wilderness Forestry?

We started Wilderness Forestry as a response to the 2018 Cal Fires. After seeing entire communities being devastated by catastrophic wildfires, my family and I decided it was time to get out there and help. As soon as we were able, we headed out to California to participate in fire suppression and fire clean-up efforts. We’ve been protecting our own family and land through the creation of defensible space for more than a decade. We wanted to share our knowledge about defensible space and how to create it with as many Californians and Nevadans as possible.

A Little About Our Team


Wes was born and raised in the Reno-Tahoe area, working on family member’s properties in both Northern Nevada and Northern California from a young age. Wes has always enjoyed the beauty of the Sierras and foothills and wanted to aid in the protection of a stunning landscape from wildfires.

Wes completed his degree in Business Administration at the University of Nevada, Reno and after graduation, decided to take the skills he learned from his father, work experience, and college to start his own business protecting the regions he knows and loves.

Wes learned early on the importance of punctuality, integrity, quality of work, and communication. Wes lives by these concepts not only in his personal life but has adopted these as his company’s values.


Erica was born and raised in the Sacramento Valley region of California. Growing up Erica spent many seasons enjoying the Tahoe area through cycling, running, hiking, and snowboarding. Erica, like Wes, wanted to assist in defending these regions from wildfire devastation using eco-friendly techniques.

Erica completed her degree in Business Administration at the University of Nevada, Reno and went to work for a medical device company in Quality Assurance as well as Product Portfolio Management.

Erica has learned through her work experience the importance of being candid, selfless, and innovative and brings these values to her work every day.


Kodiak was born in Calistoga, California before being adopted into the Hansen family. Kodiak enjoys the landscape of the Northern Nevada and Northern California regions through playing fetch, following along on horseback rides, joining Erica on training runs, and other silly shenanigans.

Kodiak finds a way to put smiles on everyone around him and has been put in charge of company morale and overall happiness.