Fire Prevention And Family Protection

Through Defensible Space

We at Wilderness Forestry know the treasures and perils that surround our mountain homes. We look out for our neighbors, their families and the wildlife that flourishes around us. Recent years have taught us just how dangerous wildfires can be if homes and property are left unguarded. The density of flora, unchecked brush accumulation and an ever-expanding population into forested communities have left many especially vulnerable against catastrophic wildfires. Unchecked vegetation allows wildfires to burn hotter, faster and longer. You can dramatically reduce your risk with a little planning. We at Wilderness Forestry don’t run from a fight. We help homeowners, municipalities and commercial properties safeguard themselves against wildfire through defensible space and brush clearing strategies.

In addition to Brush Clearing, we offer the following services:

More Services

  • Firebreak
  • Mulch Spreading
  • Hand Crews
  • Grapple Piling
  • Invasive Species Removal
  • Fire Support Services
  • Pile Mastication
  • Dozer Pile
  • Suppression Repair
  • Orchard Removal

We protect your home like it’s our own.

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We’re a family operated company just looking to help our neighbors protect themselves and their property. Our team can tackle vegetation management and defensible space projects large and small. When you call Wilderness Forestry, you’ll always reach us. You aren’t a number when you work with us. You’re family.

We were born and raised in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains, and that’s where we like to do business. We focus on a local territory, so we can dispatch our crew to your location quickly. Although we focus on Reno, Carson, and Tahoe, we can mobilize our crew to Redding, Napa, Mammoth, and Elko in days, not weeks.

We have more than a decade of experience with mastication, defensible space, fuel reduction, and land clearing. We relieve your property of all vegetation that puts you and your family at risk. Our methods are measurable, eco-friendly and we don’t stray from a challenge.