We at Wilderness Forestry love preserving forests and protecting families. We have been clearing brush and masticating to create defensible space for more than a decade. Our commitment to safer forests is only eclipsed by our commitment to our customers. Californians and Nevadans alike trust us to provide honest, timely and results-driven service. Family means the world to us, and we use knowledge and hard work to protect yours.
From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to say Thank you!

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As a result of the wildfires occurring in Northern California over the past number of years we have been slowly clearing the dense brush from our 3.5 acre property in Placerville, CA. With the recent devastating fires in Santa Rosa and Paradise, we felt compelled to get the job completely done and hired Wilderness Forestry, Inc. The owner, Wes Hansen came in, gave us a reasonable quote which he stuck to, and cleared the brush on over an acre and a half of our property in a bit over a day. The property is much safer now and saved us many weekends of hand work. I can highly recommend Wilderness Forestry for providing prompt, attentive and effective work at clearing our property.

Don Johnson

  • Location: Placerville Ca
To Whom It May Concern, We offer a Five Star rating to Wes and Wilderness Forestry for an outstanding job of selective brush removal on our property. Wes struck a perfect balance between fire protection and retaining both the aesthetic and habitat value of the remaining plant species.

Bob Weise

  • Location: Carson City, Nevada
Wes Hansen at Wilderness Forestry is top notch.  We have a large and steep terrain, unimproved lot that was in long need of mastication and tree trimming to aid in defensible space and overall area beautification.  We were provided with several providers from the Forest Service.  We called all those provided.  Several declined the work due to the difficult terrain. A few gave quotes that were very high with start dates in the distant future. A few did not return calls. Not only was Wes responsive, he was knowledgeable (we have done this on this lot before) and direct.  He responded within 24 hours initially, looked at the property after discussion with us and coordinated with the Forest Service to insure proper and complete work scope would be done.  The work was done on time and at the agreed rate with no issues whatsoever.  I cannot recommend someone more highly.

Brad B.

  • Location: Truckee, California
Our HOA recommended Wesley after we moved into a new home and needed to create defensible space.  It seemed like it had been a long time before it had previously been done so it was a big job! He responded quickly and provided us with a very competitive quote.  He was very easy to communicate with about the stages and timing of the project.  He started the job on time and even completed it a bit earlier than he estimated which reduced his initial quote. Wesley met with the forestry division of our HOA so he knew exactly what needed to be done so we’d pass their inspection.  He followed up with us to be sure we were happy with his work and gave us tips on how we can maintain it ourselves. I would highly recommend Wesley for your project!  He was efficient and reliable! 

Christina Shenoy

  • Location: Truckee, California