We specialize in brush clearing, mulching heavy/dense brush and removing trees to create defensible space for residential and commercial properties. We’re the fastest in the business! We use a Bobcat compact track loader with a masticating attachment. The machine is extremely efficient, and it has the ability to clear acres on a daily basis depending on the nature of the terrain. The machine is also eco-friendly.

We protect you and yours with the following services:

licensed timber operator (LTO-A012597)

Wilderness Forestry also has an LTO license which means we are licensed for timber operations by CalFire and the state of California. What this means is we work directly with Registered Professional Foresters on large scale thinning and fuels reduction projects. Timber harvest plans are written by Foresters in order to extract the most amount of timber possible with the least amount of environmental impact. In order to conduct timber operations in which the timber will be sold, one must convey an LTO License.

Brush Clearing / Fuel Reduction

Residential and commercial properties in mountainous areas often have brush and fallen vegetation throughout the property. This type of accumulated vegetation is fuel for wildfires and if left unchecked, these fuels can endanger people and property. Fallen vegetation and brush allow wildfires to burn hotter, faster and with increased flame lengths.

We use a specialized piece of equipment (Bobcat compact track loader with a masticating attachment) to clear brush and reduce fuels that threaten a space. Our machine is extremely efficient, and it has the ability to clear acres on a daily basis depending on the nature of the terrain. The machine is also eco-friendly.

chipping service

We currently have a Morbark Track chipper in the fleet in order to help with unwanted debris off the beaten path. The chipper has an 18 inch capacity and can be mechanically fed with one of our excavators to expedite the process.

defensible space / inspection

In order to safeguard homes and properties against wildfires, a minimum amount of vegetation-free space is required around the perimeter of the property. You can dramatically reduce your risk with a little planning.

We fight help homeowners, municipalities and commercial properties safeguard themselves against wildfire through defensible space and brush clearing strategies.

These efforts are designed to clear designated spaces around a property from unchecked vegetation that allows wildfires to burn hotter, faster and longer. Defensible space strategies include: brush clearing, fuel reduction and vegetation management.

We also offer defensible space inspections. We will come out to your home and inspect it to make sure it will be safe from fire. We will document, take pictures and discuss the potential hazards once the inspection is complete. If you are having trouble finding insurance for your home, this may be the ticket to either getting insurance or fixing your home so your insurance will renew the policy. If you have any questions about your home, vegetation around your home or building materials please do not hesitate to call.

Fire Suppression Repair / Fire Clean-up

We conduct fire suppression and fire clean-up efforts to aid local and federal fire departments as they fight wildfires. This type of work requires various activities including but not limited to: flame suppression, construction of fire lines, extinguishing flames and reducing hot zones. Fighting a wildfire is not complete when the active flames are extinguished. Part of the clean-up effort involves cooling the smoldering fuels on the forest floor in order to prevent a contained fire from flaring back up.

forest thinning

Currently our forests are overstocked with trees due to the lack of forest management and fires over many decades. In order to slow the spread of fire and disease, the non-native species must be thinned and the more fire/drought resistant trees must stay. In order to achieve the 40-90 trees per basil area (depends on elevation and topography, etc.) we must thin the forest. We offer these services and can provide a scope of work that covers large acreage parcels.

grinding service

We will grind pallets, wood waste, green waste, forestry slash, etc., and turn it into usable mulch.

less than 3 acre conversion

If you are building your home in a wooded area in California, a less than 3 acre conversion must also be filed with the state. What this means is the forested area in which you are building your home will be converted from Forest to a home property. The Cal Fire definition is as follows: “Harvesting of trees that is a single conversion to a non-timber growing use of timberland of less than three acres.”

vegetation management

Brush and fallen vegetation are not the only threats to people and property. Small trees and bushes that are left to overgrow in areas around a property can also make a space more susceptible to wildfires. Our equipment can easily “chew up” these types of green vegetation before they become a major threat to safety. Fire prevention efforts should always be multilateral and vegetation management is a great start.