Defensible Space and Inspection

In order to safeguard homes and properties against wildfires, a minimum amount of vegetation-free space is required around the perimeter of the property. You can dramatically reduce your risk with a little planning.

We fight help homeowners, municipalities and commercial properties safeguard themselves against wildfire through defensible space and brush clearing strategies.

These efforts are designed to clear designated spaces around a property from unchecked vegetation that allows wildfires to burn hotter, faster and longer. Defensible space strategies include: brush clearing, fuel reduction and vegetation management.

We also offer defensible space inspections.  We will come out to your home and inspect it to make sure it will be safe from fire. We will document, take pictures and discuss the potential hazards once the inspection is complete. If you are having trouble finding insurance for your home, this may be the ticket to either getting insurance or fixing your home so your insurance will renew the policy.  If you have any questions about your home, vegetation around your home or building materials please do not hesitate to call.  [/one_full]